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31 October 2012 @ 02:28 pm
Hey, guys.

So I thought I'd let you know there are Megaten communities on Dreamwidth too, since it looks like there might be another mass exodus. megaten seems to be the big one, but there might be others.

I'm not deleting the comm or anything, but I just thought I'd pop in and let you know in case you decide to move. (Honestly I haven't really used LJ in awhile and wow these changes make it all look and work quite differently!)
In case you didn't knew, the PSP version of Eternal Punishment is coming out this May 17 in Japan. The PSP version will contain almost the same thing as Innocent Sin PSP with switching original and remix music, adjusting difficulty settings anytime among others. The difference is there will be a new scenario for Tatsuya Suou which narrates his run between "This Side" and "The Other Side". The official website is now open too but there's nothing much except for Maya's and Tatsuya's updated character design. It'll be updated every week until its official release. It will also include a bonus CD.


Edit Closer look at the PSP screens!

Edit Debut trailer posted today!!

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06 March 2012 @ 11:33 am
Hi everyone! I have some Persona items for sale, including Persona 2 Innocent Sin PSP promo postcards, Persona 2 stationery from big doujinshi circles like Chimaki and Ultimate Powers. ^_^

Also have a promo Persona 4 Animation album.

If you're interested in anything, drop a message at my page!

Take a look...
21 December 2011 @ 06:39 pm
Because of LJ's...interesting life choices, I've temporarily changed the community's layout and enabled custom comment pages. This allows for subject lines in comments. Please let me know if the current layout is difficult to read-- I'll try to find one a bit easier to read. I'll also do some testing to see if the subject lines show up if you're logged into a journal that has different comment settings.

ETA: Okay, apparently if use the default view for comment pages, the subject heading will just show up as bold font in the comment. Sigh.
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16 October 2011 @ 03:14 pm

This is my first visit to the community but not new to the Megaten games (I played Persona PSP, 3 & 4 before). I was surprised to find a Persona 2 specific community so I decided to join - partially so I won't make P2 posts on P3 & 4 communities - and hopefully engage a lot in this community. I just finished Innocent Sin PSP and I love it but it has zero replay value. :/ I look forward playing Eternal Punishment but getting the PS1 copy is a pain especially with the rewritten attacks to fit P3/4 standards (which you notice in IS PSP) so I'm gonna wait for the PSP version instead. Or is the PS1 copy more worthy? Anyways, I look forward meeting you.
Since I've been contacted by a few people about extending the deadline, I've decided to extend everyone's deadline to October 15th. Submissions will still be submitted over here.

By the way, I'm still cooking up some easy, low-stress fandom stuff for the community, so stay tuned!

ETA: It looks like P2P is going to be released in Europe on November 4th! And the collector's edition box set looks pretty sweet (I'm jealous!). Here are the details.
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25 September 2011 @ 11:38 pm
Hello everyone! I've been playing my copy of Innocent Sin, and even though I've already played the fanslation before, I'm loving every bit of it right now. 
The thing is, when I'm trying to go doujinshi-hunting again for it, almost every links are already dead. So, I figure I'd ask here :

Does anyone still have any Kuori Chimaki's P2 doujinshis? Avant Gardent trilogy, Hydrangea, anything. I only have Amnesia right now, but I'm missing everything else. If it's okay, may I ask for it? Plus, I'll take anything Tatsu/Maya or Katsu/Maya. 

Really sorry for the trouble, and thank you!
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[188] Icons
[175] Persona 2: Innocent Sin + Eternal Punishment - no spoilers
[13] Persona 2: Innocent Sin + Eternal Punishment - spoilers

19 September 2011 @ 02:39 pm
Hey, everyone! I actually haven't forgotten about our fanworks exchange (I just have a terrible sense of time and didn't realize that it's been so long since we started it).

Here's the submission post for those participating in the exchange. I'll be contacting everyone with their assignments shortly. All you have to do to submit your work is just post it here in a comment. If you need to post more than one comment post a new comment rather than replying to your first comment. That way, your comments will stay screened.

Submissions are due by October 15th at 11:59PM EST.

If you need an extension, please let me know before October 15th. Just PM me at this journal and let me know!

So, happy fanworking, everyone!

(Comments for this post are screened, by the way, so as not to ruin the surprise!)

Edit: I've extended the deadline and edited the post accordingly. ♥
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24 August 2011 @ 03:01 pm
Since people seemed interested in a type of fanworks exchange in honor of the release date, we're moving forward with that idea!

That being said, we're starting sign ups today (August 24th), and will close a week from today (August 31st). If you fill out this in the comments, we'll start matching people up based on what they want.

Preferred Means of Contact (email, PM, IM, etc):
What you can exchange (i.e., fic, fanart, etc):
What you're interested in:
Any specific characters, pairings, or themes?
Anything you don't want to receive or won't write/draw (trigger warnings especially):

Thanks so much and let's get the ball rolling!