E.M. Windsor (em_windsor) wrote in baofuslair,
E.M. Windsor

Fanworks Exchange!

Since people seemed interested in a type of fanworks exchange in honor of the release date, we're moving forward with that idea!

That being said, we're starting sign ups today (August 24th), and will close a week from today (August 31st). If you fill out this in the comments, we'll start matching people up based on what they want.

Preferred Means of Contact (email, PM, IM, etc):
What you can exchange (i.e., fic, fanart, etc):
What you're interested in:
Any specific characters, pairings, or themes?
Anything you don't want to receive or won't write/draw (trigger warnings especially):

Thanks so much and let's get the ball rolling!
Tags: community events, fanworks, persona 2: innocent sin (psp)
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