Amelia Guillem (ameliaguillem) wrote in baofuslair,
Amelia Guillem

I didn't knew a P2-only community exists...


This is my first visit to the community but not new to the Megaten games (I played Persona PSP, 3 & 4 before). I was surprised to find a Persona 2 specific community so I decided to join - partially so I won't make P2 posts on P3 & 4 communities - and hopefully engage a lot in this community. I just finished Innocent Sin PSP and I love it but it has zero replay value. :/ I look forward playing Eternal Punishment but getting the PS1 copy is a pain especially with the rewritten attacks to fit P3/4 standards (which you notice in IS PSP) so I'm gonna wait for the PSP version instead. Or is the PS1 copy more worthy? Anyways, I look forward meeting you.
Tags: discussion
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